Common Characteristics of a Cleanroom Swab

Common Characteristics of a Cleanroom Swab

How To Choose the Right Cleanroom Swab

One of the cleanroom’s most essential consumables are swabs. They have the ability to clean small parts and reach areas that a cleanroom wipe cannot. Effectiveness and ease of use make them a staple item in many labs and controlled environments. Of course, an important factor is using the right swab for the job. Selecting a swab with the proper head and shaft is essential if you want to maintain the integrity of your cleanroom.


Cleanroom swabs may look simple, but they’re anything but. A lot of technological know-how goes into the production, research, and testing of cleanroom swabs. If they fail, the costs for the client can be enormous, even catastrophic.

Things to Consider:

Puritan SWAB-3655
This swab with a polyester tip and a polypropylene handle is suitable for cleanroom use.
  • Virtually Lint-Free – Swab materials must be manufactured with non-linting materials (similar to cleanroom wipes). Popular materials include foam and polyester. Polyester is the cleaner, or lower linting option of the two.
  • Plastic Handle – The key here is to avoid wood handles. Fibers can break away and contaminate the product and or environment. Polypropylene handles are safe for cleanroom use.
  • Low in NVR’s and No Contaminating Adhesives – Make sure the swab is manufactured for cleanroom use. Cleanroom swabs will be made with materials that have been tested to not contaminate a controlled environment.

Choose Carefully and Ask for Help

Cleanroom swabs need to be chosen based on a specific set of variables within a cleanroom. If you’re dealing with electronics production, for example, you want swabs not only to remove all contaminants but to be non-conductive to electricity as well. If your cleanroom is part of a pharmaceutical setting, however, the main characteristics you’re looking for are sterility and the ability to impede the introduction of any biological contaminants (pyrogens) into your cleanroom’s sterile environment.

This is why we at Blue Thunder Technologies offer a great variety of swabs in different materials, sizes, and shapes to ensure you have the right tool for the job. We offer virtually lint-free options that ensure no contaminants breach your cleanroom.

PurSwab 2″ Small Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Swab, Polypropylene Handle

6″ Sterile Standard Polyester Swab, Polystyrene Handle, Individually Wrapped

8020 Staticide IPA Clean Swab

6in Chemical Resistant Spatula Foam Tip Applicator, Polypropylene Handle

Whatever your cleanroom needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us show you what we can do for you.