Lint-Free Wipes

Lint-Free Wipes – The Truth Revealed

Did you know that “lint-free wipes” are not truly lint-free? This may come as a surprise to many that have been told that certain applications require lint-free wipes. Multiple particle generation tests, under various dry and wet testing conditions revealed that even the cleanest of wipes, marketed as lint-free are not 100% free of particle generation.

There are, however materials that are virtually lint-free. Synthetic materials including polyester and Lint-Free-Wipesnylon are more dense in nature, and therefor they will not separate from the surface as easily as natural materials such cotton and cellulose (pulp-based).

Additional design features that help ensure minimal particle generation include close-knit/tightly woven construction and heat sealed laser-cut edges. Both attributes will ensure minimal particle release during friction such as the action of wiping.

Polyester/Cellulose blend under a microscope – Notice there a very few visible loose fibers splitting from the strands. Wipes featuring this composition would be considered virtually lint-free wipes.
Cellulose under microscope. Compared to the poly-cellulose blend above, this substrate has many loose fibers. Clearly not a lint-free wipe.

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