Cleanroom Hoods

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Cleanroom Hoods are an essential apparel item in most cleanroom gowning protocol. For non-sterile and sterile gowning, the cleanroom hood is to be applied after the face mask and before the coverall. Application should be performed in a gowning area, before entry into the controlled environment. Read More

Hoods for cleanrooms and controlled environments should be non-shedding, made from a material that offers ample protection as well as a barrier from the individual wearing it. In the cleanroom, the number one source of contamination is from personnel.

Hoods are recommended for use in ISO 5 (Class 100) and ISO 4 (Class 10) cleanrooms or other applications that require full head protection. Please remember to follow specific procedures or protocol, as they may vary depending on the cleanroom.

We offer high quality cleanroom hoods available in a variety of sizes. They are made from polypropylene with elastic closures for snug fit. Designed for one time use only. Sold by the case and packaged in multiple bags for easy dispensing.

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