Cleanroom Tape

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Cleanroom Tape is specifically manufactured to meet strict requirements of various controlled environments. Tapes used in cleanrooms are made with non-shedding materials, have low VOC’s / outgassing properties, and should not leave behind residue. Additionally, they are processed and packaged specifically for cleanroom use. Read More

We offer cleanroom tape options that are RoHS and REACH compliant, manufactured per ISO 9001 Certification standards to meet the most stringent anti-static, particle-free, and high purity specifications. Cleanroom Tape is ideal for tasks such as sealing, marking, identification across a variety of industries including Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical, and Electronics.

What Makes Tape Cleanroom Compatible?

Non-Shedding Materials

Using cardboard cores made with cellulose-based materials is problematic. The same is true for paper-based packaging. Furthermore, many traditional tape products are made with paper-based cores and/or packaging. Cleanroom Tape should be made with plastic cores with smooth finishes. Packaging should

Many traditional tape products are made with cardboard cores. This is problematic because cardboard is often a prohibited material in a cleanroom. Using tape rolls that have plastic cores with smooth finishes is one way to prevent shedding. Plastic with burrs and sharp edges pose a risk to gloves and bags – highlighting the importance of smooth edges.

Additionally, backing and liners for cleanroom taping products should be made of synthetic materials to reduce the risk of contamination.

Special Adhesives

Standard tape products often leave behind sticky residue. They can also leave behind an invisible layer of adhesive that can cause contamination. Non-cleanroom approve adhesives can outgas, leading to chemical contamination – which is of particular concern for a variety of environments in the semiconductor and medical/pharmaceutical industries.

Furthermore, organic contaminants left behind on silicon wafer surfaces and lenses used in lithographic processes, have become a serious problem for chip, medical device, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Using cleanroom tape is an often overlooked, yet critical part to keeping the cleanroom “clean.” Contact us for more information on the taping products we offer and how we can help maintain your critical environment.