Cleanroom Gloves

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Comparing Glove Materials and Their Benefits

Nitrile Clean Room Gloves can be engineered and combined with on material to meet unique demands. They are typically stronger and have better chemical resistance than latex. These gloves also contain no natural rubber latex which is good news for users with skin allergies suffering from irritation and dryness caused by latex.

Latex Clean Room Gloves (natural rubber) offer a variety of unique benefit including: Superior comfort and fit, eco-friendly profile, and consistent protection against infection and contamination.

Synthetic Materials (Neoprene and Polyisoprene) - These materials are soft, pliable and like nitrile, they can be engineered to meet specific requirements with unique characteristics. They are specifically popular because they can be made for protection against Type 1 allergies such as latex and even nitrile sensitivities. They are also very strong and hold their form, making them a good ergonomic glove for all day comfort.

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