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Non-Linting Cleanroom Swabs for Controlled Environments

Swabs designed for cleanroom applications should be manufactured from non-linting/shedding materials. Choosing the proper swab is vital to ensure the environment is not comprised.

Cleanroom swabs are used for a variety of important tasks including specimen collection, diagnostic testing, surface cleaning, and cleaning small parts or difficult to reach areas. Read More

Key characteristics of a clean room swab:

  • Non-abrasive head
  • Cleanroom packaging (for higher level cleanrooms)
  • Non shedding material
  • Synthetic shaft
  • Low NVR’s (Non-volatile residue)

Cleanroom Swabs for Various Industries

PurSwab 3650 Knitted Polyester Cleanroom Swab

Various high-tech industries including medical device, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics assembly, and other critical applications require swabs that meet strict quality requirements.  This is especially true for a swab used in an ultra-critical environment. Each cleanroom will follow a unique set of standards, determined by a variety of industry regulations including ISO, ASTM, and FDA. The cleanroom classification will often dictate the type of swab used and whether or not there are sterile requirements.

Different types of swabs:

  • Foam-tipped applicators
  • Polypropylene shafts
  • ESD dissipative foam swabs
  • Sterile swabs (often used for USP797 / USP800 requirements)
  • Chemical resistant spatula foam tip
  • Microfiber cleaning applicator
  • Knitted polyester swab

Top to Bottom Cleanroom Solutions

We understand that you have unique cleaning needs. We also understand that cleanroom swabs aren’t a “one size fits all” deal. Whether you need a tiny cleanroom swab or a larger one, we have just the right selection for you!

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