3in ESD Foam Tipped Applicator, Static Dissipative Polypropylene Shaft

  • Packaged in static dissipative recloseable poly zip bags
  • Packaging: 50 swabs/bag, 20 bags/case (1,000 swabs/case)
  • Sold per case

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Description: ESD safe swab, small pink static dissipative foam tip, static dissipative handle.

Overall Length: 3″
Tip Length: 14.2mm
Tip Width: 4mm
Handle Length: 67.5mm
Handle Diameter: 2.3mm

-Safe for static sensitive components
-Can be used with IPA & DI water, or dry
-Good water absorption
-Non-off gassing
-Soft & non-abrasive

Packaging: 50 swabs/bag, 20 bags/case (1,000 swabs/case). Static dissipative recloseable poly zip bags. Sold per case.

Compare to:
Contec SF9ESD
Texwipe TX757E
Texwipe TX753E

Old part #: SWAB-1273-PF-ESD

Weight2 lbs