CE Cleanroom Softwall Cleaner™

  • Cleanroom softwall curtain cleaning solution
  • Designed for softwall curtains separating zones in cleanrooms
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction with double sided Microfiber cover
  • Ideal for curtains in ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D cleanrooms
  • For use with the MicroIntensive™ L Covers which is a single use, double sided Microfiber cover.
  • Size: 50 in
  • Packaging: 1 pack/case, 1 piece/pack


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CE Softwall Cleaner™ – The fast and easy cleanroom softwall curtain cleaning solution.

The CE Softwall Cleaner™ by Vileda Professional® is designed to clean softwall curtains separating zones in cleanrooms. Manufactured of electro-polished stainless steel and aluminum with an adjustable telescopic handle. Unique “shotgun pump action” design means higher pressure can be applied during cleaning and easily adjusted as needed and provides full contact on curtain from ceiling to floor, unlike competitors.

Completely autocalvable, and rust-free. Easy and ergonomic to use, and allows full range of motion for cleaning and disinfecting.

MicroIntensive™ L Cover

  • Size: 15 in
  • Single-use
  • Pre-laundered, single bagged and lot number controlled
  • 4 layer construction: cleaning side is 100 % Polyester Microfiber Blend, knitted and embossed; two middle layers are 100% Polyester and back is 100% Polyester
  • Easy gliding and low particle shedding
  • High absorbency with excellent cleaning performance
  • Proven cleaning efficacy
  • Ideal for pre-preparation and pull and lift techniques
  • For use with CE Softwall Cleaner and CE Tank Cleaner

CE Softwall Cleaner™ is a new line of specialty above-the-floor tools ideal for surfaces that are difficult to reach, clean, and disinfect.

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