ESD Safe Cleanroom Paper

This ESD Safe Cleanroom Paper is designed and processed for writing, printing, and photocopying in controlled environments where the prevention of particle generation is critical. Our ESD Safe Cleanroom Paper is manufactured in a class 100 cleanroom and then cleaned and double-bagged in a class 10 cleanroom.

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    ESD Safe Cleanroom Paper from Blue Thunder Technologies is manufactured using latex binding technology – which results in very low levels of particles, nonvolitle residue (NVR), and ion extractables. This product is suitable for use in Class 10 Cleanrooms and higher.

    ItemWeightPaper SizeSheets / PkgSheets / Case
    22-8511-PAPER#228.5 x 112502500
    22-1117-PAPER#2211 x 172501250
    28-8511-PAPER#288.5 x 112502500
    28-1117-PAPER#2811 x 172501250