Loctite GC 3W The Game Changer – Water Soluble

The Game Changer – Water Soluble

  • No refrigeration required
  • Water Soluble / Water Wash Solder Paste
  • Improved stability
  • Improved printing
  • Improved reflow

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  • Over 20 years as an Industry Leader
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Henkel LOCTITE GC 3W The Game ChangerWater Soluble / Water Wash Solder Paste – defies the way you ship, store and handle solder paste and offers game changing performance capabilities.

LOCTITE GC 3W expands on the successful debut of the LOCTITE GC 10, the market’s first-ever temperature stable solder paste. The new fully halide- and halogen-free formulation combines the properties of high-activity flux performance and temperature stability – characteristics that, until now, have been mutually exclusive.

The temperature stability of LOCTITE GC 3W delivers similar benefits as its no-clean counterpart, LOCTITE GC 10, and provides exceptional results in aqueous cleaning systems without the addition of saponifiers or co-solvents. Post-reflow residue removal is fast and easy, and the cleaning window has dramatically expanded, allowing manufacturers the flexibility to clean boards seven days after assembly. Stencil life and abandon times are superior to previous-generation water wash formulas and storage stability is extended to provide game-changing, water-washable performance.

Henkel Loctite GC 3W – Data Sheet

Weight1.2 lbs