NanoTech Micro Microfiber Wipes

Remove and kill bacteria!

The new NanoTech Micro cloth does not only wipe away bacteria, it even kills this bacteria as it is in direct contact with nano particles of silver which have been embedded in the microfiber filaments.

Sold Per Case (5 wipes/pack, 20 packs/case)

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Silver is the secret!
NanoTech Micro is manufactured of endless microfibers by utilizing a patented Freudenberg technology. Nanosilver particles are embedded into the microfiber. The silver provides a strong antibacterial performance. Once the bacteria has been removed from the surface, and within the cloth, the bacteria are killed as they come in direct contact with the nanosilver particles. Leaving a durable/reusable cloth which can be rinsed and reused hundreds of times.

Quick & easy microfiber cleaning- damp & dry!

  • Streak free performance
  • Pre-prepared and spray bottle method
  • Tested up to 500 washing cycles
  • Minimize chemical use

NanoTech Micro Advantages:

  • Nano-silver particles are embedded in the endless microfibers (patent pending)
  • 99.93% bacteria or germs removal when wiping surfaces
  • No growth of bacteria or germs on cloths for more than 24 hours
  • Enables you to omit tumble-drying as cloth can be stored in moist condition up to 24 hours without bacterial growth
  • Saves time & means significant reduction in cleaning start-up time
  • No odor from cloth in use
  • Keeps antibacterial properties also after several hundred washing cycles
  • Color coded to prevent cross contamination (yellow/blue/green/red)
  • Size: 15″ x 16″
Weight12 lbs

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