NOVA-COT™ Cotton Wipers

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100% Woven Cotton Twill | ISO Class 6 (1000) Cleanroom Wipe

NOVA-COT™ cotton cleanroom wipes are comprised of 100% cotton. NOVA-COT™ cotton cleanroom wipes are woven from the finest, highest grade cotton into a 2×1 twill construction. It is bleached, singed, and mercerized to remove virtually all impurities that are required to meet critical federal government and major semiconductor manufacturer specifications. This product contains no contaminating additives and is virtually chemically pure. It is bias cut; therefore, it is very low in particulates and stray fibers. Of course, virgin cotton is naturally absorbent, non abrasive, low in static and biodegradable.


Item #SizeWipes/BagBags/Case
NC-444″ X 4″12008
NC-999″ X 9″3008
NC-121212″ X 12″1506

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