Static Solutions Dissipative Mat Cleaner / Topical Antistat

  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Prevents dust attraction
  • Low outgassing
  • Quick drying, non-streaking
  • Biodegradable
  • Low ion contamination
  • Makes all surfaces static dissipative
  • Non-flammable
  • Long lasting
  • Concentrate available
  • UBA # 39890004
  • Cleans ESD Mats Safely



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Static Solutions Dissipative Mat Cleaner/Topical Antistat is a topical anti-stat solution designed to control, prevent, and eliminate static electricity on static disspative tables and floors. It cleans and rejuvenates static dissipative mats, as well as makes non dissipative surfaces dissipative. Once coated, this quick drying solution will last several months. Available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallons. Also available as a concentrate in gallon bottles. Item #’s: SS-MC-4400, SS-MC-4405, SS- MC-4400Q, SS-MC-4400C, SS-MC-4455

Data Sheet (PDF)

ESD Mat Cleaner

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