Virtu-Clean® Universal Disposable Cleaning Pad – VCU

  • Cleanroom class: ISO 5 (Class 100)
  • USP <797> Compliant
  • No Quat binding
  • Compatible with chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and common disinfectants
  • 300-360 sq. ft. cleaning coverage
  • Absorbs 9X its weight in liquid

Packaging: 20 pads/bg, 12 bgs/master bg – 1 master bg/cs


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  • Single use application to reduce risk of cross contamination
  • Channels efficiently pick up and retain dirt in pad
  • Embossed design reduces friction for less strain on workers
  • Bonded edges improve performance greatly, reducing linting for a cleaner clean
  • Polyester backing produces less lint upon removal from base
  • Bag in bag packaging for cleanroom application

All pad options can be used with most flat mop bases; however, Hospeco Brands Group designed and recommends the pads be used with the new Sphergo Swivel™, for a more complete ergonomic leaning solution.

Weight11.46 lbs
Dimensions19.69 × 8.66 × 16.14 in


Cleanroom Class