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About Blue Thunder Technologies


Blue Thunder Technologies have represented the best manufacturers in the world for products such as cleanroom wipes, and supplies used in the medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and electronics industries.

We can fulfill your cleanroom needs no matter how small or large, from consumables like gloves and tacky mats to the entire cleanroom itself. We also supply an extensive list of products for electronics, bench top equipment, and consumable supplies, including high tech assembly materials and understencil wipes for SMT screen printers.

Hard work, a can-do attitude, and customer focused core values have combined to forge us into what we are today – a well run, customer oriented, rapid response distributor with strong infrastructure, proactive policies and procedures, sophisticated warehousing and shipping capabilities, and competitive pricing. We feature a lean, well-trained staff of professionals who love what they do, and are focused on customer care, from our salespeople to our warehouse personnel. We are not a huge, bureaucratic conglomerate with an automated receptionist. In this just may lie our greatest strength.

We are fast and flexible; willing and able to find products that customers need, no matter how difficult they may be to find. We process orders quickly and professionally with instant confirmation, and rapid delivery. We take pride in knowing our products and markets very well, and our customers personally. While you may feel more like “a number” with some of our competitors, our goal is to make every single customer know that they are special to us. All of our customers are indeed precious to us, and our hope is that you will feel that way when you do business with “BTT”.

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