Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies & Products for Controlled Environments

We carry a large selection of cleanroom supplies that offer innovative and cost-saving solutions for controlled environments. We are a distributor and manufacturer of high quality and competitively priced consumables items and equipment used in a variety of high-tech industries. Our cleanroom supplies are trusted by a wide range of businesses involved in scientific research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Our commitment to technology and quality ensures that our products such as sterile cleanroom products meet or exceed strict cleanroom quality guidelines, including USP 797 and the upcoming USP 800.

We offer top-to-bottom solutions by providing cleanroom supplies suitable for various levels of cleanrooms, including ISO Class 3 (Class 1) and higher. We make it easy to find the correct cleanroom supplies that are required for your unique applications, including but not limited to cleanroom wipes, clean room gloves, cleanroom garments, cleanroom sticky mats, cleanroom documentation, cleanroom chemicals, cleanroom furniture and storage and lab supplies.