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We offer an array of medical, diagnostic and critical environment swabs ranging from tongue depressors to cotton, rayon, calcium alginate, nylon flock and polyester-tipped applicators to DNA-free applicators, and Self-Saturating Swabs. These swabs can be used as cleanroom swabs, medical swabs, as well as in any controlled environment setting. Our swabs are available in a variety of shaft options including: wood, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. Read More

The PurSwab line offers plenty of choice for the non-medical applications. Look for foam-tipped cleaning applications that are gentle enough for delicate equipment, yet manufactured to withstand your most common solvents. Puritan evolving product line includes, but is not limited to, chemical-resistant applicators, swabs for lint-sensitive applications, static-resistant applicators, specialty foam tipped applicators, an industrial version of the Puritan Self-Saturating Swab, as well as many more.