I’d like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding customer service support we have received from Blue Thunder. Regardless of our requests, Gina is always helpful and extremely knowledgeable of the products Blue Thunder offers,  and our orders are always received in a timely manner.  Thank you for all your effort.

Barbara Muller
Dante’s Inc.

Blue Thunder Technologies has been apart of my business for the past year and half (since early 2008) and I could not be more thankful for such a great team. From the salespeople to the operations people, to the managers and beyond, they are a great group to work with. To every request that I have made, they always responded in a very timely manner, with an answer or a solution. This is something that can not be said about other local vendors with whom I have worked with in the past. These people seem to treat every request of mine, whether it is small or large, with the same urgency.   When their outside people are in my area for any reason, they always make sure to call and check up on me, just in case I might need something that they could bring in, while nearby.They have an extensive list of product offerings that seems to grow every month, and have been able to supply me with samples, technical info and demo’s whenever needed, to make sure that we are getting exactly what we need/want. If they do not have a product that we are looking for, they have proven to us that they will go out and find it, regardless of the effort.

I would, and do, recommend Blue Thunder to anyone looking for an outstanding vendor who is willing to do anything for their customers.  They will be an important supply chain partner in my business for years to come…

Heraldo Gonzales
Aldo Technologies

“We’ve used the Green Monster rolls for several years and have been able to continuously reduce printing related defects due in part to this product. The Green Monster rolls have performed better than other rolls we’ve tried.  We appreciate the quality of the Green Monster rolls and the support from Blue Thunder Technologies.”

Steve Garrett 
Production Manager

DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.

I have a long standing relationship with Blue Thunder Technologies. I have used them as a multi-product supplier for two different companies that I have worked for over the past six years and I would bring them with me to a third if the need should arise.  Their Customer Service representatives and Sales people are pleasant and knowledgeable. They display pride in their company and work as a team by providing overlapping support of each other when someone is not available. I almost always get a live person when calling and rarely need to leave voice mail messages. When I do leave a message, I always get a quick and thorough response. Currently, I work at The New York Blood Center; we relied on Blue Thunder since December of 2008 during the relocation and start-up of one of one of our major programs. Blue Thunder continues to display excellent customer service for our on-going operations by providing us with on-site visits to evaluate our needs and to develop competitive pricing agreements with our Purchasing Department. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them as we grow in the industry together. At my previous company, Blue Thunder was a pleasure to work with as compared to the larger suppliers. The orders we placed with them were always on time and accurate. They immediately addressed any product concerns and were quick to remedy items that were damaged in shipping and other product concerns. Although they were in place when I joined my previous employer, I never took any steps to replace as they never let us down and the service level was outstanding.Blue Thunder has gone above and beyond the call of duty, working with me over the phone, through email and in-person to identify and recommend products for my process. They have the product lines and materials to support us and they remain price competitive to significantly cut our costs.  I highly recommend Blue Thunder Technologies to anyone who is looking to save time and money while working with a knowledgeable responsive and trustworthy company.

Matthew Nagurney
Associate Director of Quality Assurance
New York Blood Center

I have incredible service from this company. For years I fretted constantly with other companies for supplies for the Microsystems Technology Laboratories. Blue Thunder is a dream come true. I always get immediate shipment of our most urgent supplies – glove and wipes.

Pat Varley

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