Cleanroom/ESD Lotion & Hand Cleaner

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Cleanroom Lotion Formulated for ESD Applications, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Food Processing Environments

Applying cleanroom lotion to hands is a critical pre-gloving step in facilities that enforce ESD safe practices such as PCB assembly and other electronics manufacturing opperations. We carry a full line of ESD safe cleanroom lotion formulated use in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing environments where contamination is unacceptable.Read More

What makes our lotion cleanroom safe? Chemicals such as fragrances, dyes, and other similar additives are not ideal for cleanroom settings due to the pollution they can produce. Our line of cleanroom lotion, including R&R Lotion, is fragrance & dye free, petroleum free, and is greaseless. It is also free of other contaminates such as silicones, lanolins, mineral oils, and glycerins.