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Cleanroom Apparel & Disposable Garments – We have you covered from head to toe!

Our selection of cleanroom apparel provides increased levels of protection for cleanroom workers or individuals in need of disposable protective garments. Read More

Our line of quality cleanroom apparel and disposable cleanroom garments are available in a wide range of materials, styles, sizes, and colors, by some of the industry’s finest manufacturers. Our extensive inventory makes it easy to find the right cleanroom garments for your needs.

Blue Thunder Technologies carries everything from bouffant caps to boot covers to keep cleanroom workers covered from head to toe and maintain the integrity of your critical environment. Our selection of cleanroom garments also includes shoe covers, lab coats, coveralls, facemasks, beard covers, sleeves, hoods, and safety glasses. We also stock automatic boot and shoe cover dispensers to make gearing up for the cleanroom faster and easier.