Cleanroom Wipes

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Cleanroom Wipes

Lint-free cleanroom wipes made from high quality non-shedding substrates

Cleanroom Wipes are manufactured and processed to meet the demands of the most critical environments. Choose from a comprehensive selection of lint-free wipes made from the highest quality, lowest-linting substrates free of bonding agents, adhesives or chemical additives.
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Key Features:

  • Free of bonding agents, adhesives or chemical additives.
  • Comprehensive selection including custom available
  • Quality, cost-effective options
  • Materials include nonwoven, polyester knit, microfiber, non-abrasive foam, polypropylene, and polyester sealed-edge wipes
  • Options that meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements

Clean room wipers for the following classes:

ISO 3 (Class 1) Wipes ISO 4 (Class 10) Wipes ISO 5 (Class 100) Wipes ISO 6-7 (Class 1,000-10,000) Wipes

Wipes for various contamination control applications:

Our cleanroom wipes are trusted for applications ranging from drug compounding laboratories (meeting USP 797 and USP 800 requirements) to high-tech applications utilizing nanotechnology. We offer wipes that meet the strict needs of the semiconductor, hard disk drive, photonics, solar, aerospace, defense, automotive, bio-medical, pharmaceutical, nuclear-related, forensics, and medical device industries.

Know your wipe materials


Perhaps the lowest-linting material of them all, polyester can have the edges laser cut to prevent particles from breaking away. It is soft and durable making it ideal for a wiping a variety of surfaces. Close knitting and cleanroom processing can further enhance cleanliness.

Polyester/Cellulose blends

Polyester/Cellulose wipes are clean, absorbent and an economic choice. Like polyester wipes, this material can be cleanroom processed to further enhance cleanliness. It can be presaturated with a variety of solvents, sterilized, and cut to any size. Common for ISO 5 -7+ (Class 100-10,000) Cleanrooms


Polypropylene is soft, non-abrasive and solvent resistant. Suitable for wiping sensitive surfaces and components. Polypropylene can be cleanroom processed and washed to further enhance cleanliness. It can be presaturated with a variety of solvents, sterilized, and cut to any size. Common for ISO 6 (Class 1000), in some cases ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanrooms


Economical, durable and environmentally friendly. (Common for ISO 6-7+)


Non-abrasive and solvent resistant. Suitable for wiping sensitive surfaces and components such as optics and printheads. (Common for ISO 6+, some variations suitable for ISO 4-5)

Microfiber (Nylon)

Soft ultra-fine surface, abrasion resistant, durable for wiping a variety of surfaces. (Common for ISO 5-7+, some variations suitable for ISO 4)

Do completely lint-free wipes exist?

The truth is that no wipe is truly 100% lint-free. They simply do not exist. To produce a wipe that does not generate any particles whatsoever, the wipe would have to be manufactured of a completely solid material such as plastic. With that said, there are materials that are virtually lint-free. Some of the lowest linting materials are polyester knit, nonwoven polyester/cellulose blends, and microfiber blends.

The reason the term lint-free is used so widely can be attributed to several leading compliance organization such as USP and ISO. Both organizations reference and even recommend using “non-linting,” “non-shedding” and even “lint-free” wipes throughout their literature.

For more information on our comprehensive selection of cleanroom wipes for contamination control, please contact us and one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you.