Sterile Wipes

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sterile wipes

Sterile Wipes that provide advanced cleaning solutions for aseptic cleanrooms and where sterile compounding is performed.

Sterile wipes for aseptic cleanrooms from Blue Thunder Technologies offer superior cleaning for a variety of critical surfaces, including stainless steel surfaces, glass, polycarbonate, lexan, and other surfaces that require wiping.Read More

We offer validated several sterile cleanroom wiping options including sterile alcohol wipes (sterile presaturated wipes) and sterile dry wipes available in Polyester / Cellulose blend and Polyester.

These sterile cleanroom wipes are shipped in terminally sterilized packaging and delivered with the lot specific Certificate of Irradiation.

  • Meet USP 797 and USP 800 requirements for critical contamination control
  • Each package is identified with a lot number for traceability
  • Each case of material includes a Certificate of Irradiation