Cleanroom Sticky Mats

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Cleanroom Sticky Mats remove dust and other particulate from foot and cart traffic

Our multi-layered cleanroom sticky mats (sometimes referred to as Tacky Mats®) are designed to capture and remove particulate from foot and cart traffic before entering a clean environment.

Cleanroom sticky mats are a critical tool for controlling particulate from outside sources in a cleanroom. The tacky surface is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and cart wheels. When its time to change the top sheet, simply peel off the top layer to reveal a new clean surface. Every sheet features numbered corner tabs to easily keep track of remaining sheets. Read More

In addition to our wide variety of stock size and colors, our cleanroom sticky mats can be customized to fit unique requirements and configurations. Browse our selection of regularly stocked mats and mat frames ranging from 18″ x 36″ to larger options (36″ x 35″ & 36″ x 60″). Available colors include white, blue and grey.