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cleanroom sticky mats

Cleanroom Sticky Mats remove dust and other particulate matter foot and cart traffic

Tacky Traxx® is our industry-leading line of cleanroom sticky mats. Tacky Traxx Mats, sometimes referred to in the cleanroom industry as Tacky Mats® are multi-layered clean-film adhesive mats. They are designed to effectively capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter a controlled environment. Tacky Traxx cleanroom sticky mats contain numbered layers that easily peel off to reveal a new clean surface.Read More


In addition to our wide variety of stock size and colors, these cleanroom sticky mats can be customized to fit unique requirements and configurations. Browse our selection of regularly stocked mats and mat frames ranging from 18″ x 36″ to 36″ x 60″. Available colors include white, blue and grey.