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Tacky Rollers

Tacky Rollers – Sticky Roller Mops for Cleanroom Surfaces

Tacky rollers are designed to quickly and easily remove dust and particulate from cleanroom surfaces such as walls, ceilings and other hard to reach areas. These rollers feature multiple sheets of adhesive film and are a popular cleaning tool for controlled environments when used as an alternative to traditional mop systems. They can also be an effective tool to remove particulate from sensitive components in electronics manufacturing.

These rollers, available in foam and film feature sheets of sticky polyethylene film. Tacky rollers contain perforated tear-away sheets that are easy to remove, exposing the next clean sheet.

Learn More About Tacky Rollers

But what is a tacky roller? Why is it important?

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to redo the paint on your walls, you’ve become familiar with the paint roller. A tacky roller looks about the same and works with the same principle in mind only instead of rolling paint onto the wall, the rolling part features sticky polyethylene film sheets. When the tacky roller is rolled over a surface, it grabs anything and everything loose, creating a particle free surface.

It’s a very clever and cost-effective way to remove difficult particles from flat surfaces such as walls, tables, and window frames.

Cleanroom Sticky Roller Mops

The sticky surface of the tacky roller is particularly good at removing ionized particles in controlled environments that may escape other cleanroom products. Just like sticky fly paper, it may not look very sophisticated, but it does the job very well. Also, once a sheet has been used, it suffices to tear it off the roller and you’re set for round two in a minimum of time and with no fuss.

The fact that the particles stick to the sticky paper means that there’s no risk of further contamination since the contaminant will remain contained within the sticky paper.

Experts in Critical Cleaning

At Blue Thunder Technologies, we offer a variety of sticky rollers and their refills. We cater to every size and our rollers are shaped in different cuts and shapes to address any surface you may have at your cleanroom environment, starting with our nine-inch wide roller for those tighter surfaces and ending with the much larger eighteen-inch wide roller.

We also provide refills and accessories for all our roller mops, such as elongated mop extension handles for those out-of-reach surfaces and individual roller handles and refills as the need arises.