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GREEN MONSTER!™ is the only stencil wiping roll to be truly ESD. Go ahead and put a surface resistometer on it and compare it to any other. Companies spend a lot of money and effort to make their assembly line ESD safe and then they place a cheap stencil wiping roll that is “sizzling” with static right next to their circuit board! Static charge is like a lightning bolt to a circuit board and will damage components and create voids in solder traces. Other non ESD stencil wiping rolls carry static because when they are made they are dried in huge ovens, travel at very fast speeds, then rolled up into rolls. It’s like rubbing a balloon in your hair a trillion times and then placing it near your favorite circuit board. Why would anyone want to do that?


Unlike the paper fibers that our competition uses, GREEN MONSTER!™ uses coarse rayon and ESD polyester. These two fibers are bonded by a tough secret formula of copolymers to make a fabric of high integrity. By comparison, paper fibers are short, linty and just laying around the surface creating a smooth and slippery surface that only pushes and smears solder paste. Rayon and ESD polyester work together to form an aggressive surface that scrapes and collects solder paste into its many voids created by the fabrics unique structure. As you can see from the microphotograph, lots of nooks and crannies!


GREEN MONSTER!™ contains no weak linty paper fibers because paper fibers are only held together by weak hydrogen bonds, the same bonds that hold tissue together. What happens when tissue gets wet? It turns to mush. When paper fibers get wet from the solvent bar under a stencil, the fibers get sloughed off since the apertures act like a cheese grater. These fibers collect around the bottom of the stencil and get deposited onto subsequent circuit boards and under components. This creates lots of defects. So, if you use paper products, you may observe under a microscope that you components are growing whiskers!

Performing a simple tape test will show the linting probability of your stencil wiping roll. Simply place a strip of scotch tape on each product with equal pressure and observe the amount of fibers that are removed. GREEN MONSTER!™ may yield a lone fiber while the tape from a paper product will look like the floor beneath a barber’s chair.


Because GREEN MONSTER!™ is made up of the proper blend of coarse fibers, it has the correct amount of CFM’s to fully utilize the important vacuum system that is installed in your circuit board screen printer. By comparison, paper products do not allow enough air through, hence over working the vacuum and not effective in sucking out the solder paste from the stencil’s apertures. You can see for yourself by blowing through each product and feeling the resistance, Caution: you may need to explain this action to any coworkers that see you doing this.


GREEN MONSTER!™ XL is the extra long version of GREEN MONSTER!™. The material used here is denser which allows us to put more feet on a roll. Fewer stencil wiping roll changes means less down time. Less down time means huge savings.

If an assembly line costs $6000/hour to operate, then that is $100/minute. Therefore if it takes 10 minutes to change a roll, it costs $1000 to change a roll! If we can get twice the feet on a roll, that is a $500 savings with every roll of GREEN MONSTER!™ XL used!!! Do the math. Then show how much money you can save your company in one year. This will surely get you a raise and a promotion!