Solder Paste – Henkel

Henkel LogoBlue Thunder Technologies is proud to offer a complete line of Henkel assembly accessories and components.  Browse our list of Henkel Soldering Paste below. Henkel is the world’s leading and innovative manufacturer of board level assembly, semiconductor packaging,  and progressive soldering solutions. Contact Blue Thunder Technologies for more information. Cant find what your looking for? Contact our friendly & knowledgeable staff at 860 265 7995.

GC10LOCTITE GC 10, The Game ChangerMOQ: CallClick for more info
50648163S4MP200ACP90V   500g Jar M00479MOQ: 10Call for pricing
50648363S4MP200ACP90V   700g Semco M00480MOQ: 15Call for pricing
519435SN63MP200AGS90V  1300g Semco  M00441MOQ: 15Call for pricing
524301SN63MP200AGS90V  500g Jar  M00439MOQ: 10Call for pricing
524307SN63MP200AGS90V  700g Semco M00440MOQ: 15Call for pricing
524587SN62MP200AGS90V 75 SyringeMOQ: 18Call for pricing
524588SN63MP200AGS90V 75 Semco M00447MOQ: 18Call for pricing
525481Sn63CR36AGS89.5 500 Jar –MOQ: 10Call for pricing
525892SN62RM92AGS90 500 JarMOQ: 10Call for pricing
540051SN63MP200AGS90.5V 750 Proflow M00505MOQ: 15Call for pricing
54478563S4MP200AGS90.5V  750 Proflow M00512MOQ: 15Call for pricing
568956SN63RM92AGS90 500 Jar –MOQ: 10Call for pricing
583489SN63MP200AGS83V 25 Semco M00519MOQ: TBDCall for pricing
583510SN63MP200AGS83V 75 Semco M00520MOQ: 18Call for pricing
662709SN63MP218AGS89.5 V 500 Jar M00554MOQ: 10Call for pricing
662713SN62MP218AGS89.5V 700 Semco M00552MOQ: 15Call for pricing
662715SN63MP218AGS89.5 V 700 Semco M00555MOQ: 15Call for pricing
662723SN63MP218AGS 89.5 V 75 Semco M00556MOQ: 18Call for pricing
72144097SCLF318AGS88.5  500 Jar M00572MOQ: 10Call for pricing
72147197SCLF318AGS88.5  600 Semco M00573MOQ: 15Call for pricing
72147297SCLF318AGS88.5  75 Syringe M00574MOQ: 18Call for pricing
728591SN63MP218AGS90V  750 Proflow M00586MOQ: 10Call for pricing
77617897SCLF318AGS88.5  1300 Semco M00612MOQ: 15Call for pricing
1007354BI58 LM100 AAS90V  500 Jar MM02350MOQ: 10Call for pricing
105120863S4MP218ACP89V  650 Semco M00706MOQ: 15Call for pricing
105120963S4MP218ACP89V   500 Jar M00705MOQ: 10Call for pricing
111411563S4MP218AGS89  1300 Semco M00707MOQ: 15Call for pricing
1159582SN62MP218DAP89.5V 500 Jar M294994MOQ: 10Call for pricing
119405596SCLF620AGS88.5V 500 Jar M00718MOQ: 10Call for pricing
1354179SN63WS200T3 V 500 Jar M00727MOQ: 10Call for pricing
1354222SN62WS200T3 V  700 Semco M00729MOQ: 15Call for pricing
135422597SCWS300T3 V 75 Syringe M00731MOQ: 18Call for pricing
135425097SCWS300T3 V 500 Semco M00732MOQ: 10Call for pricing
135429197SCWS300T3 V 500 Jar M00733MOQ: 10Call for pricing
1354294SN63WS200T3 V 75 Syringe M00736MOQ: 18Call for pricing
1354295SN63WS200T3 V 700 Semco M00737MOQ: 15Call for pricing
135429663S4WS200ACP 600 Semco M00738MOQ: 15Call for pricing
135429863S4WS200ACP 500 Jar M00740MOQ: 10Call for pricing
137124597SCLF620DAP89V 500 Semco M00741MOQ: 10Call for pricing
137242597SCLF620DAP89V   500 Jar M00742MOQ: 10Call for pricing
137246697SCLF620AGS88.5V   500 Jar M00743MOQ: 10Call for pricing
137246997SCLF620AGS88.5V   600 Semco M00744MOQ: 15Call for pricing
139481992ADA100DAP85V  30 Syringe M295136MOQ: 10Call for pricing
1405454SN63MP218DAP89.5V 500 Jar M00750MOQ: 10Call for pricing
140565097SCWS300DAP88V 500 Jar M00749MOQ: 10Call for pricing
140567397SCWS300DAP88V 500 Semco M00747MOQ: 10Call for pricing
143450197SCLF318MAGS88.5  600 Semco M00754MOQ: 15Call for pricing
143450497SCLF318MAGS88.5  500 Jar –MOQ: 10Call for pricing
143453797SCLF318MDAP88.5V   600 Semco M00756MOQ: 15Call for pricing
143453997SCLF318MDAP88.5V   500 Jar –MOQ: 10Call for pricing
1475362SN63WS200DAP 500 Jar M00763MOQ: 10Call for pricing
157558997SCLF620AGS88.5V  800 Proflow M00771MOQ: 15Call for pricing
161829597SCLF721AGS88.5V 500 Jar M295240MOQ: 10Call for pricing
161851097SCLF318AGS89V  850 Proflow M00773MOQ: 10Call for pricing
172811797SCLF318AGS88.5  25g SyringeMOQ: TBDCall for pricing