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A Wipe That’s Entirely Lint-Free?

Question: Where can I buy lint-free wipes? Answer: 100% lint-free wipes do not exist. This[...]

The Anatomy of a Cleanroom Wipe

  Wipers for Class 1 – Class 10 Controlled Environments: Sealed-edges (including thermal, laser, ultrasonic)[...]

What is the ideal placement for a cleanroom sticky mat?

Cleanroom tip: What is the ideal placement for a cleanroom tacky/sticky mat? Cleanroom sticky mats should be[...]

Cleanroom Class Requirements for USP800

This cleanroom tip comes from questions about the cleanroom class requirements for meeting and maintaining[...]

Know Your Cleanroom Wipe Materials

A variety of factors can influence the cleanliness of a wipe. From raw material to[...]

Resource List: Best Practices for Handling Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings

In addition to the requirements of Chapters USP-797 & USP-800, the following documents (or their[...]

Recommended Cleanroom Validation Frequency to Meet ISO 14644-1:2015

ISO 14644-1:2015 classifies air cleanliness for airborne particle population levels (ranging from 0,1 µm to 5[...]

Cleanroom Classification for Aseptic Processing

Cleanroom Classification Recommendations for Aseptic Processing / Sterile Environments: Critical Area – ISO 5 (Class[...]

Protective Apparel Material Reference Chart

Image courtesy of Microflex Use this color coded protective apparel material reference chart to choose[...]