5 Key Advantages to Using Pre-Wetted IPA Wipes

5 Key Advantages to Using Pre-Wetted IPA Wipes

Pre-wetted wipes, or sometimes referred to as presaturated wipes, are a convenient way to clean using just the right amount of the required solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA). These wipes yield a variety of benefits over using standard wipes. They can save a significant amount of time and money. Additionally, they can be a safer option when compared to standard wipes. Let’s dive into the uses and benefits of pre-wetted wipes.

Common uses for pre-wetted wipes include wiping and disinfecting a variety of surfaces. This consists of high traffic zones such as public spaces and common areas. Furthermore, they are commonly used in labs, hospitals, cleanrooms, and industrials settings. In addition to their disinfecting abilities, they are also effective for the removal of solutions such as disinfectants, adhesives, residues, etc.

Main Advantages of Using Pre-Wetted Wipes:

Benefit #1- Ease of use

Wipes that are pre-wetted with a solvent are simply easier to use than standard cleanroom wipes. The task of diluting a wipe or surface with the correct amount of solvent can be challenging. The chosen chemical may be too concentrated or not concentrated enough. This is a particular issue in a controlled environment or critical cleaning application that requires a very specific amount of a solvent. So, in short, using wipes that are pre-wetted saves time and fuss and guarantees the IPA percentage will be precise.

Benefit #2 – Economic

Pre-wetted wipes are typically packaged in resealable bags or tubs that prevent or slow the evaporation of the cleaning agent. This is a particulary important feature when dealing with IPA. They’re also standardized with the accurate amount of cleaning agent, helping to ensure there’s no unnecessary waste.

Benefit #3 – Fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Using presaturated wipes removes the need to use a sprayer. This will greatly reduce the element of VOCs from the equation. That leads to an overall cleaner environment, something that is particularly important in critical environments that monitor VOCs. It also allows you to use the cleaning agent exactly where you want it, instead of spraying a surface.

Benefit #4 – Safety

Once the flammable spray is removed from the equation, pre-wetted wipes offer a safer working environment and cut down on possible fire hazards. They also remove the hazard attached to employees when mixing potentially hazardous chemicals. By negating the need for a sprayer filled with the cleaning agent, pre-wetted wipes cut down on staff exposure through skin or inhalation to such chemicals.

Benefit #5 – Convenience and efficiency

Presaturated wipes remove the need for workers to spend time preparing, mixing, and diluting cleaning agents. Therefore, they help concentrate the efforts of valuable staff members towards more worthwhile activities within the cleanroom.

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