Benefits of Using Products Made in the USA

Benefits of Using Products Made in the USA

Purchasing US-made products carry a variety of benefits. From higher quality standards, and reliable shipping times to benefitting the local economy – more and more businesses are making purchasing US-made products a priority. Here’s a more in-depth look at the benefits of using a product stamped “Made in USA”.

  1. Avoid international supply chain shortages and transportation issues.

The chain involved in the export business is many layers deep, and if one factor is interrupted, it can cause a ripple effect. For example, labor issues can affect virtually all aspects of the supply chain. Material shortages obviously have a major impact. Transportation issues, accidents, and new regulations can also contribute to delays.

Purchasing and using USA-made products means that there is less risk of going without when you need them most.

  1. Country of Origin (COO) requirements for US-made products.

There are certain stipulations that must be met for manufacturers to put “Made in the USA” on their products. These stipulations, called Country of Origin, or COO, requirements are different in every country but are particularly stringent in the United States.

For manufacturers to legally tout that their products are Made in the USA, the FTC dictates that “all or virtually all” of the item must be produced in the United States. “All or virtually all” means that the majority of the product’s components have been created in the U.S. and anything that comes from outside the United States is so small or unimportant to the product that is not worth considering.

  1. Closely monitored manufacturing process ensures highest quality standards.

When the manufacturing process is close by, there is less of a chance for errors. Communication is typically better, and quality standards can be followed with better accuracy. Ultimately, you know what you are getting and if something does go wrong it can be quickly resolved. This is usually not the case with products made outside of the United States. A shipment of bad products can arrive after a long transition time and manufacturing must start back from square one adding a significant amount of time and money to the project.

  1. Reduced cost for deliveries and shorter lead times.

Freight shipping delays become a common scene in 2021. Choosing a supplier that offers US-made products will usually ensure shorter lead times and a higher probability of in-stock products. If your supplier sources all products from overseas, especially in bulk, it can take weeks or months until they are back in stock. If you need your items sooner than that, expedited shipping costs are often exorbitant — not to mention that international shipping prices are expensive as it is. Ordering products that are made and distributed in the United States that your much-needed supplies will get to you faster for cheaper.

  1. Benefits the United States economy.

Last, but certainly not least, purchasing products that have been manufactured in the USA means your money is benefitting the United States economy. The people who have made these supplies reside in the U.S. and work for American companies, pouring your hard-earned dollar back into the U.S. economy where you can see it go to good use, instead of a foreign economy.

When you purchase products that have been made in the USA, you are reaping the benefits of strict labor laws, high quality standards, faster shipping (and cheaper shipping costs) all while supporting the American economy.

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