The Importance of Global Standardization for Cleanroom Industry

The Importance of Global Standardization for Cleanroom Industry

Standardizing the cleanroom industry so that a uniformly defined set of requirements and properties can be agreed upon and implemented is a necessity. To achieve uniform, cross-sector and international descriptions of processes and specifications in cleanroom technology, standards are continuously being developed and supplemented with ongoing research findings and experience. In addition to the developed standards contained within the  DIN EN ISO 14644 family of directives, the evolving VDI 2083 is often used to further quantify established standards. It has been adopted by Austria and Switzerland in its totality, and by other European countries at least in part.

The ISO 14644 directive guidelines cover cleanroom technology in 10 parts. The VDI 2083 family has over 20 individual sheets and represents the most comprehensive set of rules in the world. It is a complement to the ISO guidelines expanding them to include industry-specific issues, as well as issues like cost and efficiency. Many countries are expanding upon the ISO 14644 in ways that must be taken into consideration when international cooperation is required.

In today’s world, industries like microelectronics, optics, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutics, and nanotechnology all rely on cleanroom technology when producing their products. The international standard is currently ISO 14644 and, as stated above, it is often augmented by VDI 2083. ISO 14644 includes guideline values for quality of air purity and qualification, in addition to specific cleanroom requirements concerned with the planning, operation, and cleanliness of a cleanroom.

The ISO technical committee continuously tracks ongoing developments and new research to revise existing standards to include evolving technology as it relates to questions about planning, operation, and cleanliness-related requirements and supporting technologies. Doing this ensures that cleanroom technology and related standards and requirements keep pace with economic cleanroom specifics as well as individual industry sector developments and requirements.

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