6 Industrial Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Facility Safe

6 Industrial Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Facility Safe

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home anymore. Keep your facility safe and disinfected with these 6 helpful industrial cleaning tips.

Industrial facilities involved in manufacturing, production, repair/maintenance, and warehousing sectors are realizing the advantages of maintaining a clean facility.

The benefits of proper industrial cleaning include:

  • Employee and customer safety
  • More consistent and higher quality products
  • Higher product yields (less damaged or defective products)
  • Healthier and cleaner environment
  • Increases productivity

In certain industries, such as aerospace, facilities that do not implement regular and appropriate cleaning procedures (such as FOD Control) can lead to catastrophic product failure – especially if a damaged component makes it into a finished product such as an aircraft.

Keep reading to discover our top industrial cleaning tips!

  1. The Right Supplies and Equipment

Efficient industrial cleaning begins with having the right industrial supplies and equipment. Without the proper cleaning products, even the most capable workers can’t complete the task the way it should be done.

Different applications and processes throughout the facility may require special supplies, specific to that need. For example, you may be able to get away with a generic cellulose shop wipe for less clean areas, but a production area may require a low-linting industrial wipe such as Wicked Awesome Wipes.

Wipes come in many different variations so it’s important to choose the correct one for each application. If you are unclear or need guidance making a selection, please reach out to us.

Top Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Tacky Mats – Sticky floor mats are an excellent pre-entry tool to limit outside debris from being tracked in.

Mops – In addition to cleaning floor surfaces, mops can also be used for the efficient cleaning of ceilings, walls, and windows. There is a variety of mopping systems that are designed to make these tasks quick and easy. The CE Dou Flat Mops are a customer favorite for cleaning virtually any large flat surface.

Industrial Wipes – Wipes in this category are tough and absorbent, capable of cleaning spills and wiping up tough to remove chemicals. Additionally, some variations feature unique attributes such as low-lint, scrim-reinforced, apertured, and multi-layered.

PPE (Personal Protective Apparel) – Using the correct PPE will ensure workers are protected from potentially harmful chemicals. Using the correct PPE can also help protect the environment and assist in keeping it clean. For example, bouffant caps, hair nets, and beard covers help keep hair from shedding into the environment.

  1. Develop Cleaning Protocols

When it comes to cleaning a facility, it’s tempting to simply sweep, mop, vacuum, and then call it a day. But over time, dirt and grime may be building up on carpets and tiles.

What’s the solution? Develop cleaning protocols that engage in deep cleaning of the facility on a regular basis. A typical detailed protocol will establish what and when to clean based on the activity being conducted in the facility. Even non-cleanroom manufacturing facilities can benefit from implementing protocols like those seen in lower-level cleanrooms to ensure the product quality is high and consistent. In addition to the supplies listed above, equipment such as HEPA filters can help keep dust and other airborne particulate at bay.

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  1. Waste Bin Availability and Use

When it comes to sanitation and cleaning, the old phrase is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To keep waste from piling up, it’s important to provide waste bins throughout your facility.

Ideally, you should have specialized bins for different materials and clear labels explaining what goes where. In addition to keeping your business organized, this also helps you isolate materials (such as paper, wood, metal, and glass) that you can recycle. Furthermore, solutions such as TerraCycle Zero Waste Box make it easy to collect and recycle a variety of products such as

  1. Clutter Solutions

Sometimes, industrial cleaning is about dealing with more than dirt, grime, and spills. At times, it needs to be about dealing with clutter!

When items clutter up, they can represent tripping hazards for customers and workers alike. Try to clear the clutter as you clean by organizing the items you need and throwing away the ones you no longer use.

  1. Inspect as You Clean

When you’re running a business, time is money. Therefore, you should always strive for efficiency, including inspecting while you clean.

In other words, while cleaning your facility, you should also inspect the different equipment and machinery you rely on. This helps you detect malfunctioning gear before it causes problems, all while keeping your business clean.

  1. Storage Solutions

Earlier, we discussed the dangers of clutter. If you really want to organize your business while you clean, it’s important to invest in simple storage solutions.

Installing shelves can help you store certain items at waist height, meaning they are both out of the way and easy to lift. Other items can be stored in various boxes that you label to make them easier to find when you need them.

Industrial Cleaning Made Easy

Now you know our best industrial cleaning tips. But do you know where to get the supplies you need?

We specialize in providing everything you need for proper industrial sanitation. To discover how we can help you sanitize and disinfect your facility, contact us today!

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