Tips for Choosing the Proper Wipe Size for your Cleanroom

Tips for Choosing the Proper Wipe Size for your Cleanroom

Wipes for use in a controlled environment come in a variety of sizes, each serving a unique purpose. They can be anywhere from 4” x 4” to 17” x 17”. In some cases, they are smaller or larger depending on the requirements of the user and the intended application.

Common and Most Popular Wipe Sizes

Our best-selling and most common cleanroom wipe size is 9” x 9” for dry wipes and 7” x 7” for presaturated IPA wipes. A common wiping practice is to quarter-fold the wipe, making it more absorbent and giving the user four clean sides to work with.

Wiper sizes
Wiper sizes

Be sure to use unidirectional, over-lapping strokes when wiping surfaces. For more on this topic, read:

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Larger Wipe Sizes

Anything over 9” x 9” would be considered a larger wipe size. Since the wipe is typically quarter folded for wiping cleanroom surfaces, using anything over 9” x 9” can be considered wasteful unless there is a specific reason a large size is needed. There are a variety of popular uses for larger wipe sizes, including:

  • Controlling spills
  • Wiping large surfaces
  • Tabletop work mat
  • Surface preparation
  • Cleanroom Wraps
  • Product storage
  • Covering equipment and/or products
Quarter folded wipes
Quarter folded wipes

Smaller Sized Wipes

Smaller wipes have their place in the cleanroom industry. 4” x 4” is a stocked option at Blue Thunder Technologies but anything smaller than that will need to be custom ordered. Let’s look at some of the most common uses for small cleanroom wipes:

  • Wiping optics and/or lenses
  • Print head cleaning
  • Cleaning small parts
  • Use as swab head
  • Gun cleaning wipes
  • Cleaning hard to reach areas
  • Circuit board assembly
  • CD and DVD manufacturing

Additional Considerations

Typically, moving away from the most common size wipes will be more expensive since they are considered a custom item. To save on costs, it’s best to use a wipe that is not too big or too small for the application.

If you need help selecting the proper wiper for your application, please reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.