Cleanroom Clothing Requirements and Selection Guide

Cleanroom Clothing Requirements and Material Guide:

Less protection / less clean options:

Polyethylene – Ideal for short term barrier to most fluids. Poor moisture vapor transmission. Since polyethylene can be ripped easily, it is ideal for extremely light duty applications.

Spunbound Polypropylene – Lightweight and breathable, spunbound polypropylene is ideal for the food industry or applications where contamination control is not a major concern.

PE Coated Polypropylene – Similar benefits to spunbound polypropylene with additional splash/liquid protective layer.

More protection / more clean options:

SMS – features three layers of protection (Melt Blown PP in the center of a top and bottom layer of Spunbound PP). Its extremely durable and offered exceptional protection against liquids. SMS is not an extremely breathable option.

Microporous – (PP with laminated layer of polyethylene) is an excellent alternative material to Tyvek with several additional benefits. The cloth-like, waterproof barrier offers the ultimate level of durability and breathability. The laminated coating makes this option virtually lint-free and ideal for the most critical environments.

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