ISO 6-7 Cleanroom Wipes

ISO 6 cleanrooms are ultra-critical controlled environments. This level of cleanroom requires a wipe that provides a high level of cleanliness and one that is low in pollutants. Wipes used in these cleanroom should be cleanroom processed/packaged and double-bagged. According the ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards, an ISO level 6 environment can only have a maximum concentration limit of 100,000 particles/mof air equal to and larger than 1.0 micron. 

ISO 6-7 Equivalents

  • Federal Standard 209E Equivalent: Class 1000-10000
  • EU Grade Equivalent: C 

Common Attributes of ISO 6-7 (Class 1000-10000) Wipes:

  • Virtually free of particle generation
  • Laser-cut or knife-cut edges
  • Low in non-volatile residue and ionic levels
  • Close-knit construction
  • Cleanroom laundered, individually inspected, and double packaged in cleanroom bags
  • Fibers are continuous with no loose ends
  • Common substrates: Polyester, Poly-Cellulose, Polypropylene

Recommended Wipes for ISO 6-7 (Class 1000-10000) Cleanrooms:

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