TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes Give Customers A Way to Recycle Cleanroom Consumables

Disposable Garments Zero Waste Box


Enfield-based Cleanroom Supply Company Gives Customers New Way to Minimize Environmental Impact

ENFIELD, Conn., October 17, 2017– Blue Thunder Technologies, a cleanroom and industrial supplies company, is listing TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes on its website in an effort to offer its customers ways to dispose of their waste sustainably.  Blue Thunder lists a range of TerraCycle’s boxes allowing customers a way to recycle their typically non-recyclable disposable items such as safety gear.

By listing Zero Waste Boxes on their B2B site, Blue Thunder Technologies provides a way to recycle not only nitrile gloves and disposable garments, but safety equipment, protective gear and more, therefore decreasing local landfill waste, increasing sustainability and showcasing their commitment to reducing the industry’s environmental impact.

“The Zero Waste Boxes are a perfect companion to some of our most popular consumable items such as cleanroom wipes, gloves and apparel,” said Dan Orefice, President of Blue Thunder Technologies. “In the past, it was virtually impossible to recycle some of these items.  Zero Waste Boxes made it possible to recycle hard to recycle items.  This is a huge game changer in our industry as more and more companies strive to become green, including ourselves.”

“By listing Zero Waste Boxes on their website, Blue Thunder brings attention to accessible options for difficult to recycle items,” said Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle. “Delivering these solutions gives customers the tools to achieve their own sustainability targets, and Blue Thunder is raising awareness that these tools exist.”

Customers can get more information and purchase a range of recycling boxes on Blue Thunder’s website. All collected containers from the Zero Waste Box program are sent to TerraCycle® for recycling and undergo a series of treatments before getting turned into new products. For more information on TerraCycle, please visit www.TerraCycle.com.

TerraCycle offers Zero Waste Boxes for almost every category of waste. By purchasing Zero Waste Boxes, consumers save trash from landfills and help reach TerraCycle’s goal of creating a waste-free world.

For more information and to see Blue Thunder’s selection of Zero Waste boxes.

About Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder Technologies is a premier global distributor of products for controlled environments such as cleanrooms, circuit board manufacturing facilities, and critical control assembly areas. Since conception, we have represented the best manufacturers in the world for products such as cleanroom wipes, and supplies used in the medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and electronics industries. We can fulfill your cleanroom needs no matter how small or large, from consumables like gloves and tacky mats to the entire cleanroom itself. We also supply an extensive list of products for electronics, bench top equipment, and consumable supplies, including high tech assembly materials and understencil wipes for SMT screen printers.

About TerraCycle

Founded in 2001, TerraCycle, Inc., is the world’s leader in the collection and repurposing of hard-to-recycle post-consumer waste, ranging from used chip bags to coffee capsules to cigarette butts. The waste is collected through free, national, brand-funded recycling programs, as well as various consumer and government-funded models. The collected waste is reused, upcycled or recycled into a variety of affordable, sustainable consumer products and industrial applications. Each year, across 21 countries, TerraCycle collects and repurposes billions of pieces of waste, donating millions of dollars to schools and charities in the process. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in our recycling programs, please visit www.terracycle.com.