Thunder Mats – Adhesive Floor Mats

Thunder Mats - Adhesive Floor Mats

Introducing Thunder Mats by Blue Thunder Technologies – Adhesive Floor Mats for Cleanrooms, Labs, and Industrial Settings

Thunder Mats BrochureThunder Mats are cleanroom sticky mats manufactured by Blue Thunder Technologies. Made with an incinerable polyethylene adhesive film, they are designed to remove foot borne particulate before entering clean areas such as cleanrooms and controlled environments. Seamless, one-piece construction allows for full surface coverage, while the numbered tabs provide easy identification and sheet separation.

Thunder Mats are available in a variety of sizes including extra-large options for large area coverage. Color choices include white, blue, and grey. Each mat features 30 individually numbered peel-off sheets that eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface.

Sticky floor mats, sometimes referred to as Tacky Mats® are used in cleanrooms, laboratories, and any other dust/dirt free environments. Suitable applications include: cleanrooms, laboratories, food preparation areas, home entry ways, printing facilities, manufacturing settings.

Thunder Mats come packaged 4 mats/case, 30 sheets per mat. For more information see cleanroom sitcky mats.