Wipe Selection Guide for Sterile Compounding According to USP797 & USP800

ULTIMATE 70 Polyester Sealed Edge Cleanroom Wipers

Recommendations for selecting a wipe that meets USP797 & USP800:

  • Surfaces within arm’s reach can be cleaned using wipers and solutions (such as 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or a disinfectant) appropriate to the environment.
  • Wipers should be “low-linting” cleanroom wipes — that is, wipers should not leave particles and fibers behind when they are used to clean surfaces.
  • In an ISO Class 5 area, a non-woven polyester/cellulose wiper can be used. However, in areas where a more stringent environment is necessary (such as the interiors of BSCs, CAIs, CACIs, and LAFWs), a knit polyester wiper with sealed-edges is suggested.

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