To effectively clean your facility, the CDC recommends a cleaning and disinfecting process which eliminates surface contamination. Using validated wiping and mopping technology which removes 99.99%* of surface contamination with an EPA approved disinfectant will clean and disinfect.

What to Clean/Disinfect?

High Touch Surfaces

Horizontal Surfaces:

  • Desk, table & counter tops
  • Chair seats, arm rests & floor mats

Vertical Surfaces:

  • Desk, chair & table legs
  • Fronts of drawers and file cabinets

Uneven Surfaces:

  • Door handles, knobs, light switches, faucets and sinks
High Touch Devices

Work Devices:

  • Computer keyboards, screens, computer mouses, telephones, stapler, touchscreens and cell phones

Social Devices:

  • Coffee makers, vending machines, water dispensers, faucet handles
When to Clean?
  • Start and end of the work day
  • Before & after eating at your desk

What to Use?


MicroOne® Single Use microfiber wipe

Pre-saturate with Vileda’s 6 Liter Bucket & disinfectant/cleaner


MicroOne® Disposable Pocket Mops, with Vileda’s 6 Liter bucket and lid.


Visit EPA’s site for recommended disinfectant to combat Covid-19

Click here for the EPA List N

How to Clean/Disinfect?

Prior to cleaning, wash and dry your hands and then put on new gloves


Use one wipe per surface to prevent cross contamination. Wiping should be done in a pull & lift fashion with overlapping strokes. This can be done horizontally or vertical as shown below. Following this step is critical in removing contamination instead of spreading in circles.


With mops a modified figure 8 (SMethod), Right to left, then left to right, with overlapping strokes

When the mop and wipe begin to dry out it’s time to replace with a new one.