Sterile Gloves

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sterile-glovesSterile Gloves provide advanced protection in aseptic cleanrooms and where sterile compounding is performed.

Gloves for sterile applications from Blue Thunder Technologies provide the highest levels of consistent cleanliness and sterility assurance for comprehensive compliance with AAMI sterilization guidelines and ASTM standards. In addition, we offer sterile gloves that meet the requirements set forth by USP797 and USP800, including ASTM tested chemotherapy gloves. Read More

Our line of disposable gloves for sterile environments includes various lengths, colors, and styles so that the right glove option can be selected for your application. When choosing sterile gloves, it is critical to make quality a number one priority. These gloves are manufactured in a certified ISO 9001 facility and are quality tested in accordance with relevant ASTM and IEST standards.

These sterile gloves are gamma irradiated and individually pair packaged to deliver the highest level of sterility. Certificates of Analysis (COA) and Certificates of Sterility (COS) available upon request. Contact us for more information.