ACL Staticide 7600 IPA Cleaning Wipes

  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water
  • No cotton: 50/50 of polyester and cellulose for low-linting
  • Removes oil, grease, ionic and non-ionic residues
  • Safe to use on plastic and metal
  • 5″ x 8″ perforated wipe

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7600 IPA Cleaning Wipes by ACL Staticide®, 5″ x 8″ Item # 7600 – These presaturated general purpose wipes are an ideal choice for the removal of solder pastes, inks, adhesives, and flux residues. In addition, 7600 IPA Cleaning Wipes are ESD safe which makes them suitable for the cleansing of printed circuit boards, hard-line coax cables, metal and fiber optic cable splices, and for a variety of other electronics cleaning tasks. The low linting attributes of these wipes make them cleanroom safe.

7600 IPA Cleaning Wipes are composed of a blend of polyester and cellulose and saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water.

Packaging: 100 wipes per canister; 6 canisters per case

ACL Staticide 7600 MSDS

Weight11 lbs


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