Centerpull Wiper Kit – Custom Disinfectant Surface Wiping System Bucket

Wiper Kit (644290-KIT)

  • Includes: 1 Bucket w/Lid and 4 Centerpull Rolls (500 Sheets/Roll)

8-Bag Centerpull Wiper Refill (644290-8-BAG)

  • Includes: 1 Centerpull Rolls/Bag, 8 Bags/Case

4-Roll Centerpull Wiper Refill (644290-4)

  • Includes: 4 Rolls/Case

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Centerpull Wiper Kit – Custom Disinfectant Surface Wiping System Bucket

Provide your customers and staff with an accessible and clean environment with a customizable sanitizing bucket kit. Each kit includes one 3.5 Gallon bucket and four disposable sheet refills. Create your own hand or surface sanitizer wipes to combat germs, kill bacteria and promote health and safety precautions in the workplace. Personalize buckets with your company logo or labels to specify the use to cleaning crew or guests. Perfect for cleaning grocery store carts, janitorial storage, patio dining and other public gathering spaces. Prior to application, please refer to the directions below. Do not flush sanitizer wipes in the toilet.

*** Does Not Include Sanitizer***


  • Convenient – Centerpull design allows only one wipe to be dispensed at a time, ultimately reducing waste and cutting costs.
  • Customizable – Add the solvent / disinfectant of choice
  • Sanitary – Because wipes are stored in a bucket and dispensed one at a time, there is a reduced risk of cross-contamination, spills/splashes, and vapors.
  • Multiple Applications – Ideal for Public Settings/Common Areas, Healthcare, Schools, Food Service, Retail, and more.


  • Thoroughly clean the 3.5 gallon bucket with soap and water before use. Let dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Put aside 1 disposable sheet roll and store the additional 3 in a safe, dark and dry storage area. Be sure to keep rolls away from liquid.
  • Next, fill the bucket with 1 Quart of your desired liquid hand or surface sanitizer. Do NOT use gel-based, foam or lotion sanitizers for the sheets will not be able to absorb contents properly. Pro-Tip: Mark the exterior of the bucket to help you and your staff identify which bucket is for surface cleaning or hygiene.
  • After pouring 1 Quart of sanitizer, insert 1 disposable sheet roll. Wait 3-5 minutes for absorption. If the sheets feel dry to the touch, add ½ cup at a time until it reaches your preferred amount of moisture.
  • To start, pull from the center of the roll creating a mounting effect. Pull the tissue through the bucket hole and seal the bucket top on.
  • Disconnect sheet by pulling one at a time. Use the edge of the bucket hole to separate.
  • Use and repeat steps when empty.


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