DEK Stencil Wiping Roll Green Monster™- 515mm

  • Increased Performance and Productivity
  • ESD Safe
  • Approx 32′ of material on roll
  • Item: D-NT7-1
  • Sold by the case – 25 Rolls/CS

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Avoid damaged equipment, defects, bridges, blocked apertures, low transfer efficiency, and solder contamination.

Patent pending NOVATECHTM 7000 fabric used in the GREEN MONSTERTM DEK stencil wiping rolls product line is like no other product and is comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin rayon and polyester fibers bonded with a tough proprietary polymeric resin.  Magnification shows the fabric to have a fiber structure with many open voids for aggressive collection of solder paste and adhesives on a “micro” level. This aggressive fabric has the porosity required to maximize the use of vacuum systems. Unlike other smooth paper-like products that simply push and smear and don’t allow adequate air to pass through. The anti-static properties decrease the chance of a static discharge onto solder traces and components – especially when printing the other side of loaded boards.  These anti static properties also decrease the static attraction of dust and other contaminants. FOR DEK 268 AND DEK 288 PRINTERS

Compare to:

1762154202DK-45EB41D2120, EB41D2116MCC-105EA

*Sold by the case*

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions13 × 22 × 11 in
Printer Type

Core Length

Material Width

Core Inner Diameter

Material on roll

Approx 32'

Item #