GRAB-EEZ™ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser & Refills

  • Organize your work-space
  • Eliminate cross-contamination
  • Eliminate wipe waste
  • ISO 5 / Class 100 Compatible, ESD-Safe


  • Grab-EEZ Wipe Dispenser, GE-DISP-99, Sold individually
  • Grab-EEZ Wipe Refills, GE-NT1-99, 9”x9”, 250/Bag, 12 Bags/Case. Nonwoven Poly-Cellulose Cleanroom Wipes
  • Grab-EEZ Wipe Refills, GE-NT1-712 (for the previous model Grab-EEZ Wipe Dispenser!) 7”x12”, 250/Bag, 12 Bags/Case. Nonwoven Poly-Cellulose Cleanroom Wipes


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Reduce clutter, eliminate wipe waste, and avoid cross-contamination.

The GRAB-EEZ™ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser, made from high quality ESD safe plastic, is your cost saving solution to wasteful wipe use. The easy to use GRAB-EEZ is wall and table top mountable and is designed to eliminate wasteful wipe use, cross contamination, and counter top clutter.

New and improved! The new Grab-EEZ will accommodate wipes in the more traditional size of 9”x9”. The loading of wipes is far easier in that the front cover slides up for easy loading and an optional plastic shield can be used to cover the front window. All other benefits are still in place; that is, ESD safe, four holes for optional wall mounting, easy non cross contaminating dispensing, double bagged, and ready to bring into the cleanroom.

GRAB-EEZ Features & Benefits:

  • NEW: 9” x 9” C-Folded Wipes
  • NEW: Redesigned Cover Makes Loading Wipes Easier!
  • NEW: Optional Plastic Shield Protects Wipes Inside!
  • Eliminates Waste – No Loss Of Wipes!
  • Approximately 3X Less Usage = 3X Less Expensive!
  • No Cross Contamination
  • User Friendly
  • Easier To Use with Gloved Hands
  • ESD Plastic Construction
  • Conforms To Good Housekeeping Practices
  • Counter Top or Wall Mountable
  • Protected From Environment
  • Unique Double C-Folded Design
  • Extremely Low in Particles & Low in Chemical Extractables
  • ISO Class 5 (Class 100) and Higher Compatible


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