Static Solutions Metal Expansion Plastic Encapsulated Wrist Strap WS-1037

  • No-Pinch Design
  • Comfortable: adjustable – one size fits all
  • Long Lasting: Will outlast and outperform the competition
  • High Grade Buckle Medical Grade Stainless Steel: Will not cause an allergic reaction
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Fluorescent green color
  • No Tedlar on surface


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Static Solutions Metal Expansion Plastic Encapsulated Wrist Strap WS-1037

ESD S1.1 standard recommends the use of wrist straps to complete an effective ESD control system. Normal activity builds harmful static charges, if an ungrounded user makes contact with a static sensitive device the result can be costly and damaging. Ohm-Stat wrist straps safely dissipate harmful charges with guaranteed long lasting protection.

Arm yourself with the highest grade protection of Ohm-Stat Wrist Straps. Only the Ohm-Stat Series offers long lasting, high quality wrist straps with innovative design on a price conscience schedule. They are easily cleaned with a mild detergent.


  • Non flaking molded dissipative plastic on all external surfaces
  • Protects users and static-sensitive devices from electrical hazards
  • Band, buckle and cord are antistatic-no problems will occur when it comes close to static sensitive devices
  • Outperforms ESD S 1.1 Standards-1987
  • Superior Contact with Skin
  • Cleanroom Safe: No chipping paint or fraying of fabric
  • Patent buckle and cord: Unique design for snug fit
  • Patent #6,426,859 B1


Weight1 lbs