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Disposable Lab Coats for Cleanroom and Industrial Applications

Disposable lab coats for medical and cleanroom applications provide a basic level of protection against liquid splashes and other forms contamination. The distinguishing feature of a cleanroom lab coat is that they have an open front that needs to be secured with buttons, Velcro, or a zipper. Available in various materials including polypropylene, SMS, Tyvek, and microporous. Each material offers unique properties, ultimately yielding different levels of protection. Read More

They are used in various industries and applications including cleanroom, medical, cosmetology, manufacturing, maintenance, and more.

We offer a selection of disposable lab coats designed and manufactured to meet various cleanroom standards. Also available are options designed for industrial non-cleanroom applications. Whether you need a low-cost option or a premium option for a high-level controlled environment, we are sure to have a lab coat that meets your requirements.

Protective Apparel Material Comparison

MaterialKey AttributesProtection Rating
SMSVery durable. Excellent liquid and dust protection. Superior particle retention and water vapor transmission to keep users coolBest protection and durability
MicroporousCloth-like, waterproof barrier protection. Allows water vapor to escape.Medium with excellent water protection
PE Coated PolypropyleneLight liquid splash protectionBasic with water protection
Spunbound PolypropyleneCost-effective protection for light weight uses. LightweightBasic protection
PolyethyleneIdeal for shorter-term use for light weight protection. Poor barrier to liquids. Easy to rip and tear.Light and tempory protection