Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

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Presaturated Wipes Provide Convenience and Enhanced Effectiveness

Isopropyl alcohol is often the cleaning solvent of choice in cleanrooms and controlled environments because of its ability to remove a wide range of contamination from interior and exterior surfaces.

We offer a variety of Presaturated Wipes including virtually lint-free cleanroom wipes as well as options for industrial and lab use. Read More

Our line of presaturated wipes are packaged in easy to use containers that help eliminate rapid evaporation. We offer sterile and non-sterile presaturated wipe options that meet the requirements of ISO 3 (class 1), ISO 4 (class 10), ISO 5 (class 100), and ISO 6 (class 1000) Cleanrooms.

  • Easy one-at-a-time dispensing of wipes
  • Four clean-cut edges = NO loose fibers
  • Reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol used
  • Even distribution of alcohol on the wipe
  • Fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air in a closed area
  • Safer option than flammable liquids
  • Convenience. No pouring, spraying, filtering, or diluting


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